Packaging & Supplies

Spectrum Media offers CD and DVD packaging supplies with affordable pricing and fast shipping. No matter what type of production or project you’re working on, we have the supplies you need to complete the project.

Jewel Cases
This is the original case used when the CD was released in 1982. It’s still used and popular among reproduction and distribution efforts. Because of its lock-in design CDs are easily held in place, and the CD jewel case is probably the easiest, most organized way to store CDs. This is also one of the most cost effective packaging methods. We carry single and multidisc jewel cases.

DVD Cases
Our DVD keep cases are larger than the jewel ones. These are perfect for DVDs and video games. Because CDs are built differently, DVDs may be damaged if placed in a CD case. Our selection comes in a variety of colors and styles. Multi-Disc DVD cases have different options to store the disc with options to add up to eight discs in one case.

Clamshell Cases
These are less than half the size and weight of the standard jewel case for CDs. Constructed of durable polypropylene, these are tough to break. These are designed to withstand the test of time and are perfect for large shipments.

Paper Sleeves
Paper sleeves are the most cost effective way to package CDs and DVDs. They temporarily protect the disc and are great for quick distribution.

Binder Albums
Store and organize all your disks with a binder album. We have multiple sizes to fit most binders, including double pages.