DVD Replication

For those considering DVD replication, make sure to closely examine the company that before you hire them. You need to know that your product retains the clarity and definition of your master copy, and that the process doesn’t take too long. Spectrum Media offers flawless reproduction quickly so that you can get a quality product when you need it.

To begin DVD replication, a new glass master must be produced, to maintain the same data that the original had. Our accepted glass master formats are; DVD-5 and DVD-R. Then this replicated DVD will be silk-screen or offset printed.

Keep in mind that DVD replication, as opposed to duplication, allows you to add more information to the DVD. With duplication you are limited to only creating media on a single side of a DVD-R, providing you with the least amount of digital content on the disc. With replication, you get the option to use both sides of the disc to produce a DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 or DVD-18. Each type reflects a difference in storage space.

We produce our replication DVDs into DVD-5’s, which allow one layer of information on a single side; and DVD-9’s, which allow for 2 layers of information on one side. If you have any questions about which format or process would suit your needs the best, contact us and we can consult to ensure the best result.