CD Replication

With all of the CD replication companies out there, you may find it difficult to know which the best is. When selecting a company for CD replication it is important to look at a few determining factors, like cost, quality and production duration. Spectrum Media exceeds in all of these areas. Our relatively low costs, high quality and quick replication process can ensure you that choosing Spectrum Media will leave you satisfied.

CD replication begins by glass mastering a flawless replication of your fully licensed master CD. Once we’ve replicated it, we complete the process with a colorful silk-screen or offset disc printing. Offset printing completes the look of any manufactured disc with full-color artwork for a truly professional appearance, while silk-screen uses a polyester mesh to achieve the same appeal. After printing the design, we assemble your finished product and cover in a clear plastic wrap.

We know how seriously our clients take professionalism and attention to detail. That is why we offer a wide variety of packing and ordering options. Call Spectrum media today to start your CD replication, or if you have any questions about replication, duplication or our other services.