Mini CD and DVD Business Cards

Leave traditional advertising methods in the past and turn to mini CD and DVD business cards from Spectrum Media. No longer will you have to worry about carrying around stacks of business cards, flyers and brochures. Instead, contain it all in one convenient package, barely the size of a credit card. This great new business advertising method is really turning the tides in the advertisement industry as an eco-friendly alternative to the standard business advertisement.

With these handy tools, you will be able to advertise a wealth of your cutting edge services all in one neat package. Grab anyone’s attention with a phenomenal presentation right on your business card! These well definitely leave a strong first impression, giving your viewers the confidence in your professionalism and competence. You can include things like personal credentials, a resume, sample writing or a full presentation of products or services on one of these handy mini-CDs or DVDs—the possibilities are endless! Give Spectrum Media a call today and step into the 21st century of advertising!