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Welcome to Spectrum Media

Spectrum is your complete source for professional media duplication and packaging products that meet your budget, your delivery schedule, and most importantly, your expectations.


Spectrum is an industry leader in the duplication and replication of CDs and DVDs.  Complete packaging options such as DigiPaks, Wallets, Cardboard Sleeves, Custom USB Drives, Business Card CDs, Mini Round DVDs and Jewel Cases are available as well as custom printed blank media in bulk.  We offer services to producers, independent artist, corporations, photographers, churches and religious organizations, ad agencies and many more. 

If your organization has the space and manpower to do your own CD & DVD duplication in-house, check out our wide selection of CD & DVD duplicators that are professional, efficient and cost effective.  We also offer professional grade recorders that are perfect for churches, studios, production houses, TV stations or any place where quality is a must. Our pro line-up will allow you to make high quality copies and transfers from any source to either CD or DVD. A quality pro line recorder is a must if multiple copies are to be made and distributed.

Save time and money and make a great impression with Spectrum’s high quality disc printing services.  Let us custom print your blank CDs and DVDs with our state-of-the art disc printing equipment for a finished product that will look truly professional and create a positive image your customers will remember.  This is a great service for musicians, churches, corporations, photographers, weddings/special events, and medical professionals - anyone who wants to do their own duplication and maintain a professional image.


Want to take printing matters into your own hands?  Look no further, Spectrum has just the right printer for you. We have a wide range of both Thermal and Ink Jet printers to suit your needs. Need full color? Are you printing large quantities? If you're not sure just what the right printer is for you, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help you out.


Our selection of great services and products doesn’t stop there.


We sell a wide variety of blank CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and packaging supplies to accommodate.  Thermal printable media, ink-jet printable media, CD jewel cases, paper sleeves, poly cases, DVD cases, cardboard mailers, CD & DVD labels and ink cartridges are just a few of the products we stock in house available for immediate shipping.

Please take a few moments to look at all the great products we sell and services we offer. Even though we are in the duplication business, our quality products and great services can not be copied. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our CD & DVD services.